CHRIST THE LORD: Out of Egypt (2005)

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CHRIST THE LORD: Out of Egypt (2005)
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Once I began reading Christ The Lord, I was unable to put it down until the conclusion. The ONLY disappointment is waiting for the next book to be released. It was a well written, thought provoking look at Jesus as a "mere mortal." (At least for the time being). 

Last fall I embarked on a 2-year bible study. Your vivid descriptions of the land, valleys and towns sent me searching through my Old Testament readings/homework and bringing to life those towns.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone - Christian or not.

Thank you and I look forward to the next book. (When??)

Mary Anne Ricci

I cannot begin to adequately thank you for Christ The Lord. I have been a Christian my entire life. When I was preparing for marriage, I converted to the Catholic Church. My husband is a "cradle Catholic" and felt strongly that we raise our family following one, unified religion. It was only after becoming Catholic that I really started having a relationship with Jesus. In the past few years I have been actively searching for ways to "know" Him and understand His path for me. After reading your novel, I felt closer to Christ then ever before. Even knowing that so much of the detail is your creation, I still found myself believing that Jesus' life could have really happened in this way. It was easy to relate to Him as a boy and so easy to feel the burden that was to be His. This book has ignited a new passion within me. I look forward to reading the research of those you listed in your Author's Note, and wait with eager anticipation for your next release.

Love in Christ,
Lisa Wehrmeister
Toledo, OH

Dear Ms. Rice,

Let me begin by saying that I have eagerly read every book you have written, almost as soon as they were published. I have long desired to email you, but somehow it never happened until now. I have truly, emphatically enjoyed all of your writings, and commend you for your incredibly rich, detailed historical accounts, always delivered with a wonderful supernatural flair. I have just now finished Christ The Lord and your author's note, and I would just like to say that I devoured it in less than six hours. I was raised in a strict, Italian, Roman-Catholic family, and also left the Church when I was a teenager. I am a physician, and first and foremost a scientist, and have come to terms over the years in my own way with Christianity and my religious views and practices. I heartily applaud you for your latest work, and greatly look forward to the pleasure of reading the next installment in Christ The Lord. Thank you!

Sandra E. Berg MD

Dear Anne,

I realize you are very busy and will try to keep this short, but I just finished reading Christ the Lord out of Egypt and wanted to share with you the impact the book itself, and your author's notes have had on me. I was raised in a Christian home and recently began working on a Master's in Divinity at a fairly liberal seminary. Over the past few months I have felt bombarded by theologians who seem to want to do away with the supernatural elements of Jesus. Just three months of reading these works and trying to develop my own theology left me doubtful and unsure of the Jesus I thought I'd always known. In November I read about your renewed faith and called my family excited with the news. I've always been a fan of your work and felt overjoyed that Christ had touched your life so. Reading your testimony reminded me of how powerful the Lord is, and that it is not up to me to prove his existence or faithfulness. I'm a broke college student, so the entire month of December I sat in Border's looking longingly at your book on the shelf. Finally Christmas came around and my parents gave it to me as a gift. Christ the Lord gave me such a fresh perspective on the Jesus that I've dedicated my life to. I feel like you nailed it when you captured the Jewishness of his family and culture while embracing his power as the Son of God. In a way I was sad to finish it, because I feel like the door has only just been opened to explore his life. But I look forward to your future books! I'm sure you have plenty of people telling you they love the book, but I just wanted to write and let you know that the book itself and your testimony have made a profound impact on my faith, and given me new hope in my theological explorations. Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to work through your influence and talents!

-Kristin Flores

Dear Anne,

I am ordained as a minister and a member of International Breakthrough Ministries, and I sent the following response to a question about your book.

Anne Rice's book is fiction, but I believe it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and will be used to bring revival to the church and win souls for God. Her description of the temple worship moved me at the deepest level of my being. To think that Jesus took on the form of man and allowed Himself to become the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world. (Quantum physics may be catching up with the reality of God--another subject for another time.) While reading Anne's book one scripture that took on greater significance and insight is Hebrews 4:15. Her testimony from Catholicism to atheism to the reality of Jesus Christ is in the back of the book. We who grew up in the church are still combating religious ideologies about Jesus and His earth walk. We say He was all man and all God, but the reality of these words are lost until our religious dogmas are exposed and brought into obedience to the Living Word. Jesus is more real to me and more precious to me than ever before. I have a higher level of respect for Mary and the emotional turmoil she must have experienced. Yet, she obeyed the word of God spoken by an angel. Also, I see Joseph in a new light. He might have been an ordinary man, but he had to be strong in character to obey the voice of an angel in a dream. How many of us have had dreams and visions only to ignore them? God forgive us and help us walk in the obedience of Mary and Joseph - and Jesus!

Again I thank you for writing this book. The Gospels are taking on new meaning, and I am so grateful to my Father-God for giving you the
beautiful, magnificent gift of writing. For now God has assigned me to pray for you, and if you have any specific needs, such as covering you in prayer as you traveled to Israel, please let me know. I don't know if I will ever have the opportunity of meeting you (one of my sons-in-law is hoping), but you are precious to my heart. You are Bill's favorite author and he has encouraged me to read your books. I admit that I didn't read the Vampire books, but you have been gifted and your gift developed for such a time as this. You will never know your influence until we are together in the Heavenlies with our God.


Germaine Copeland
President of Word Ministries, Inc.

Dear Ms. Rice,

Thank you for writing a book that is both honest and thought provoking. I find Christ the Lord interesting for more than one reason: my own background is Christian, and while I still hold to the faith I was raised in, I have for many years held a fascination with fantasy in general and horror stories that are based in the supernatural. I have listened to some of your books on tape checked out from libraries, but this is the first book of yours that I bought and read. I was, at first, hesitant because I have found from experience that many people who write about Jesus write either innane or sentimental stories. Those who don't do either of these seem to miss the point all together, making him too fallible, too human, too much like one's next door neighbor. Your book, on the other hand, did several things. It shows solid research, clear development, and it helps the reader struggle through the same issues that its narrator does in a way that is both insightful and refreshing. I especially appreciate something you said in the "author's note" at the end -- "after all, is Christ Our Lord not the ultimate supernatural hero, the ultimate outsider, the ultimate immortal of them all?" This is a truth I have discovered in my own reading -- what I find of most value in many of my favorite stories is a really a quest to find Him, the one who stepped out of eternity and into time, giving us a glimpse of something bigger and more beautiful than all of us.

Thank you for taking the risk to write a book that addresses this search in a
direct way.

Melody Green

I have been an ardent reader of your works for many years. At the onset I was intregued by the mechanisims of your mind. You could take a piece of fiction and make it believable. You have done a wonderful, and I believe God inspired effort in writing about the Christ Child. I am sure Jesus Christ Himself would approve of this biography. I was blessed as I read the book and it brought comfort to my spirit. I just recently lost my precious wife of 40 years and reading about Jesus, the Son of man, as he truly experienced the emotions of a human being made Him more real to me in my sorrow. Shalom and God bless you Mrs. Rice.

Yours in Christ, James R. Glab, Retired Peace Officer.

Dear Anne,

As a long-time fan of yours, I was anxious and excited for Christ the Lord to come out. Would I like it? Would I be disappointed? Would it live up to my expectations??

I couldn’t believe I felt all these mixed emotions surrounding this work, as a simple fan. But, ultimately, I decided what I enjoy most about your work is the brilliant writing, the historical accuracy and detail, AND without doubt, this would come through in Christ the Lord.

I have to admit, the first 3 chapters were a “transition time” for me, getting comfortable with a new voice in this work. But, it sucked me in like a whirlpool, slowly at first, and then by the last few chapters, I didn’t want it to end! I read the last sentence with the desire to read more. So there you go, I can hardly wait for the next book to arrive in my hands. Go Anne Go!

This past weekend, I was privileged to attend the opening of Lestat at the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. I was completely enchanted and brought to tears; I loved every second of it!! I heard through the grapevine that you attended, although I did not see you. My brother is a dresser on the show and gave me a tour of the backstage, AND showed me all the costumes!! I hope you were able to see the costumes in all their exquisite detail.

Personally, I enjoyed seeing your work onstage, more than in the movies. And to have it set to the lyrics and music of Bernie Taupin and Elton John is simply a dream come true for this fan!

Anne, let me thank you for sharing your Gift with us.

Showers of Blessings on you and your loved ones for Health, Joy, and Adventures,

Rochelle L.B. Begay
Pinon, Arizona

Dear Anne,

I have been a fan for many, many years...thoroughly enjoying and devouring the Vampire and especially the Mayfair series. I know that one of the key pieces that drew me into your books was the profound Catholic identity that infiltrated all of your writing. It was obvious that the love of the mysterious and transcendent had never left your being.

I just finished reading "Christ the Lord" and I can only respond with heartfelt gratitude and awe. Your personal journey and spiritual relationship with Jesus came through so strongly. You perfectly captured the perception and wonder of a child, and the Divine/Human struggle that Jesus must have experienced. The sensitivity, depth and spirituality of your characters was nothing short of profound. I laughed, cried and personally experienced the emotion of the characters, especially the scene with Jesus in the temple. WOW!

Thank you also for your personal notes at the end. As a Spiritual Director and Lay Minister, I have done my fair share of study in areas of scripture and spirituality. I too have been miffed by those writings of "Scripture Scholars" who seem to have a personal vendetta against Jesus. You described that to perfection! I have especially struggled with the work of the "Jesus Seminar" as they attempt to discover what Jesus really said. In the end, I came to the same conclusion as you, ultimately, nobody knows anything! Conjecture, hearsay, hypothesis do not make up the truth, and yet, that is how they attempt to portray it. Thank you for bringing this to light for those who may just be starting on their scriptural exploration. You have done a great service to your readers by including this information in your book.

I am so happy that you took the risk and decided to share your truth openly and freely. As you have certainly experience, "only the truth shall set you free." I look forward to the next book in the series. For some fun reading, you may enjoy Delores Pevenhouse's "I the Christ".

In Gratitude and Blessing!

Lauri Lumby Schmidt
Age of the Spirit Ministries

I just wanted to say Thank You for your latest novel. I've been a reader of yours since a year or two before the "Interview with the Vampire" movie premiered, in my mid-teens. I do a LOT of reading, and haven't read all your titles, but I *have* read most of them, and almost every one has moved me.

I have been a Pentecostal Christian for about eight years, baptized when I was 18. And as such, most of my church peers probably wouldn't enjoy the darkness of many of your works, and that's probably understandable. But I've always appreciated your characters and their search for the supernatural or the divine; or maybe their desire to BE the divine since no true God could be found. Your own wrestling match with faith, as portrayed through Louis, Lestat, and the rest, has helped me to come to grips with my own faith, to help me understand what it is I believe and why I believe it.

I would like to congratulate you on your return to faith in God through Christ. And I am pleasantly impressed to read that this was partly the result of historical research and intellectual investigation into the subject. I consider myself an intellectual as well, and most of my peers in that regard have always been agnostic or atheist.

Now, more specific to your book. I was seriously intrigued when I found out that the Queen of the Preternatural had turned to writing about Jesus Christ. I had had only the faintest forgotten inkling of this pursuit before I saw the title on the shelf. But being intrigued, I picked it up and read a few pages while my daughter played in the kids' section. Seeing the first-person narrative, the perfect opening two sentences, and the scene where Jesus unknowingly kills the bully... All these things told me that I was about to start a journey unlike anything in general Christian thought. So I bought the book and took it home.

The story is superb. Absolutely superb. You've captured a seven/eight-year-old's innocence, the Jewishness of Jesus, the very real dusty-but-true circumstances that very likely surrounded Jesus' family and childhood. And the climax with Jesus learning of the slaughter of Bethlehem's children and his realization that he is, in fact, the Son of God, touched my heart.

Seeing Philo of Alexandria, the politics of the Herods, the struggle of the common Jew to fulfill the Law's impossible requirements, the conflict between Jesus and James (who I think was probably the younger brother, but that is completely and entirely beside the point), the glory of the Temple, and the love of Jesus' parents for their unusual son... You captured more than I had ever expected in this tale.

I want to read more. I want to see his adolescence, what leads him to the wedding of Cana and the small conflict between mother and son over the water-to-wine miracle, how he came to understand that not only is he the Son of God but also God Himself Incarnate with a finite human mind that can access the Infinite Divine Plan.

I have only one complaint about this book, but unfortunately it is significant. You are using a different voice in this book than you commonly do. And I think it's intentional on your part. (By "voice" I mean style of writing and word choice, not the fact that this was a first-person Jesus tale.) But I found it took some getting used to, and I can understand why many found it to be poor reading (although that is not at all the word I would use). If I were to write a review on amazon, my title would be "Superb Story, Weird Writing". In future, perhaps a more conventional narrating style? I would, in fact, love to hear your explanation on why you used the voice you did.

In closing, a movie recommendation. ITV in the UK broadcast a two-part movie last year called "The Second Coming", written by Russell T. Davies, starring Christopher Eccleston. It's a British, non-Christian take on the return of the Son of God. The end is rather off-putting, but the bulk of the story is well-told and interesting, and I found the Christology to be excellent.

Next Wednesday, I will be teaching my church a lesson on the incarnation using I Timothy 3:16 and Luke 2:52 as my focus. Towards the end, I will briefly discuss some of the possibilities of Jesus' childhood that you have made me consider. At the end, I plan to recommend your novel to my entire church. I thank you again for the effort and I look forward to more.

Jon M. Wilson, age 26
Lewisville, TX (near Dallas, grew up in Denton near TWU)

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading "Christ The Lord". I LOVE this book. I read it in two nights (which is really good considering I teach Catholic School Kindergarten and have five children between the ages of 7-10!). It really personalized Jesus (and everyone) for me- just as you had hoped it would. While watching "The Nativity" with my class yesterday I was like "OH! I know Elizabeth! I still don't know why she*" when they introduced her on the screen. It made me think of the story in a whole new way. I'm even getting Father Max a copy for Christmas. I think it would make such a wonderful movie. 

I have been a great admirer of yours for over a decade. I even went to New Orleans (finally) last April to see if it could live up to how you write it. It did. I'm just so happy that I was able to see it before Katrina happened. I was overjoyed when I read that you had already moved all of your husbands art work and that it was safe. 

You are an amazing writer, survivor and woman. Thank you for every word you have ever written. Merry Christmas!

Jaime Brotz


I just finished reading your latest book and wanted to thank you for once again doing an excellent job. I have read almost all of your books since I saw the film version of "Interview with the Vampire" as a kid, and I have absolutely loved them all. Because of your ability to capture history and bring it to life, your characters have always been so real, and no matter what the underlying subject from vampires, to witches, to eunuchs, to just about anything else, your beautiful writing has been a pleasure to read.

After hearing rumors that the vampires and witches were laid to rest forever, I was terrified that I would never see another new Anne Rice novel again. Then, I heard about your latest book and HAD to get it, regardless of the fact that it was about Jesus.....and I am Jewish. What you have done is capture a religious figure in such a way that I honesty believe that everyone, regardless of faith, can enjoy this book. Whether it be for religious or historical purposes, or simply to enjoy another book by a favorite author, "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" is sure to please.

Thank you so much for all of the hard work and passion that went into this book and every other one. You're absolutely awesome.


I started the new Anne Rice novel Christ the Lord with a certain amount of reservation. How could my favourite author of the supernatural vampires and witches handle Christianity? Had she flipped her wig? Had she dissolved into religion as redemption for earlier writing subject matter, or in grief after her husband's death? The answer to both questions was a resounding, NO. Anne Rice had followed a natural progression of the historical and supernatural. As she admits in her authors notes, she is a slave to history: she loves the research. This too, I understand. I have discovered a deep love of history and I read everything I can find on Egypt, Rome and Ancient Europe. Jesus is, in fact, our first supernatural being. If God exists (and I believe he does), giving Jesus a human life from birth meant to learn the lessons of life, is truly the most profound education a being could ever have. In the telling, Jesus realizes that we are all born to die.. each and every creature born has a limited time on earth and the real quest is to answer the questions that our own soul has been sent to learn. This profound truth I recognized, as I read it. I remembered thinking on this as a child, after my first near-death experience at age 5.. far too young to have been influenced by any atheist ideology! I had to stop reading and contemplate the enormity of it before I could move on in the book.

I started this book as a skeptic: I wanted to hate it and scoff at the abundant psalms and prayers liberally sprinkled throughout the text and believe that I knew better for what Ms Rice should be writing. But something else happened: I was drawn to this description of Jesus as a boy of 8 years of age. He became real to me.  I felt that I understood his process of coming to a knowing:  his unique difference from the others, with the full knowledge of his future withheld from him. As a mother,  I felt Mary's trepidation in finally explaining to him the happenings of his birth and his identity, and her role as his earthly guardian and guide for a Soul with deeper purpose. I did not finish with the skeptisms or the prejudices. I finished it by reading all of Anne's authors notes and saw that her journey with the Catholic Church and her love of historical research was not unlike my own. I welcome this introduction to Jesus as a child and I look forward to her next novel bringing him further along his path. I most appreciate that Ms. Rice explained her own motivations for this novel, it redeemed my faith ! in her! as an author of wonderful fiction, AND as a historical researcher. All in all, WELL DONE!! I remain a fan of Anne Rice though I admit a more difficult relationship with my Catholic church. It is hard not to struggle with religion in the American South where religion is commandeered by the righteous, the politicians and the captialist marketplace. Lets just hope that eventually religion once again becomes a matter of private conscience and not public personna.

Nice little thought stream a few days before Christmas, huh?
But, if not now, when should we examine our beliefs?
I believe God is there, he just doesn't like some of what gets done in His name. (George , are your ears burning??)
I am content leading a good life that I don't have to apologize for now or some future day at the gates of Heaven. I wish the same for all of you.
Much love, Catherine


I didn't start really reading until age 22 when I read The Vampire Lestat. That did make reading Interview difficult. As I'm sure you can fathom. I loved it just as much though. So it can be said that the reason I have learned the love of books is because of you. Nowadays my shelves are full.

As a christian, and one that has battled that faith with sympathy for the devil since 15, my favorites have been those which dealt almost entirely with religious turmoil. Memnoch, and Armand most of all. I truly felt that the subtext of your previously stated books was evidence of religious strife. And in that we shared something in common. Years ago someone asked me if I believed in God, right in the middle of discussing your books. When I answered yes, they asked me, if vampires were real would you want to be one. With all the implications that provided I again said, "Yes, in a heart beat." The pun was not intended, and brought a laugh.

When I heard that you were no longer going to write about these characters I have grown to love, I was saddened. In more recent years I have begun my own path back to understanding with God. Which will only ever work, I've discovered, in my own way, in my own time. So when I saw the next book! was in fact about Christ, I was alarmed. Lastly when I read that the book was to be written in the first person of Christ himself, I was prepared to be offended. Rather though, I was blown away. I have told everyone about this book. He truly seems real in your text, granted all your characters have to me, but this is someone who has always been real to me. In your book I felt I could understand him better; as a man, as the son of God. In a very real way, even more so than from the Scripture. For that I thank you with all my heart.

I recall promising to do my best to keep this length within reason. I realize now, that I might not have kept that promise. So I'll be on my way. I truly hope that your story of Christ will continue in books to come. Thank you for your time, and for your work.

God Bless,

Dear Anne,

"Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" is absolutely captivating! How wonderful it is that God has used your talents for His glory! I was a huge fan of your prior writings until my own conversion around 1994, when then I could no longer go to those dark places. While in my kitchen, I overheard the television reporting the “news” of your new life; I fell to my knees and thanked God!  Then I dashed out and bought the book.

“...born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate . .”  His life in between is something I’ve ashamedly rarely reflected on, yet it is so important.  I especially love your writings of when Jesus stayed behind in the temple – I’ve always thought Him a little disrespectful when he said, “I must be about my Father’s business”. Your story was awesome! I believe you could only write this book under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I’m finding that as I am telling others about the book, some seem very skeptical that you could write about our Lord. Your personal thoughts posted on your website have been so helpful for these people to understand how God works miracles.

Thank you, Anne – I can’t wait for the next book.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you!

Risa Grace

Dear Mrs. Rice:

I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading Christ the Lord. I also enjoyed reading your Author's Note at the end of the book. 20 years ago, when I was in college, I lost my faith in God. I majored in Philosophy (which I enjoyed tremendously). The skepticism toward religion, especially Christianity, permeates much of higher education. So, I certainly understand your years of doubting the existence of God. Although I was an atheist for about 2 years, I found my faith again. This mainly came about because I, like you, became a skeptics' skeptic. Secular skeptics, despite claims to objectivity, have faith they can figure out who the "real Jesus" was. Of course, he is hardly ever the person the Gospels claim him to be. I've often wondered how skeptics cannot see that they too often exercise faith in various theories that are unprovable. That said, I still sometimes have doubts/questions about God. However, I find that to be a good thing. It makes life interesting. Mere mortals cannot hope to fully understand God. Trying to understand His purpose/plans for our lives is the spice of life. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Christ the Lord. Although it is historical fiction, I found the events and characters completely believable. You are to be commended for the tremendous job you did in researching the time period. I work as a librarian in Utah. I've already recommended your book to patrons. Many were unaware of the book and are very curious when I tell them about it. 

I hope you continue writing about the life of Christ. Keep up the good work!


Art Nifong, Jr.
Provo, Utah

Hi Anne,
I listened to you on the Peter Boyles radio show several weeks ago. After hearing you talk, I ran out to buy you book. I've tried to read your vampire books, but just not a fan of that subject. Your "Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt" is the first book of yours that I've read. Not a church-goer or a Catholic,I do believe in God, but had so many questions about Jesus.  The fact that you wrote him in first person as a little boy, helped me relate to him. I too, will research more of Jesus. Thanks for writing and giving your suggestions for material to read. You offered this book for us who know nothing of Jesus Christ.  You wrote this for me. I thank you and hope I can grasp a small portion of what you've read & studied.

Your newest fan,
Ms. Haze Griffith
Lakewood, CO

It's terribly late, but I couldn't go to sleep without sending you a note. This is funny because I've never felt compelled to write a comment on a novel, much less to the author, unless it was to suggest it to a friend. I just finished reading your latest novel, Christ the Lord, and before I went to sleep I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for giving Jesus the Christ back his humanity in the form of a little boy. Far too often, Jesus has been presented to the world in such religious and political context that we the people forget the whole point to his life. He came and he lived so that he would know our lives. I've often thought of him growing up and of him later as he taught, and quite frankly, I think I would have adored being around him. From my 21st century mind, I've always had a picture of him as a rouge rabbai and I love that he taught in stories. Course I've also always been curious about why most of the Christian religious ministers don't make more out of the assention.

But anyway, knowing your following and the number of emails you receive, you probably won't see this. But to whoever does, please convey my thanks for such a beautifully written depiction of Jesus and my admiration of her courage as a writer of the supernatural to take on the truly supernatural.  As a fan of both, thank you.  

Susan Dunaway
Henderson, Kentucky

Dear Ms. Rice:

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Christ the Lord. I appreciate its historical accuracy and the depth of devotion that it reflects. It helped me to see the wonder of the incarnation in a fresh way. I think it was very courageous of you to take on such a subject. Thank you so much for writing it. I hope there are many more volumes to come.

John Koessler
Professor & Chair
Pastoral Studies Department
Moody Bible Institute


I have been an avid reader of your work for many years.  You create characters that have a three dimensional quality about them that gives me, as a reader, pause.  Long after closing one of your novels, I have found myself thinking about one of them, pondering his or her situation with sympathy or empathy.

I greatly admire your courage in tackling the question of just who Jesus really was and how he may have lived and felt and dreamed.  To me your risk was well worth it.  Having been raised in the Catholic church and having gone to 12 years of Catholic school I was taught dogma rather than the Bible; catechism rather than scriptures.  As a good Catholic I believed all I was taught as a “matter of faith.”  But, as it has been said, “When I was a child I thought like a child…”
Having gone to a relatively progressive Catholic high school in Southern California I was taught to question, to use the brain I was given to reason, deduce.  No longer were we expected to take everything on faith, to accept the mysteries without question.  This is where my dissatisfaction with formal religion took shape.  Here is the question I have asked many a theologian, priest, minister and one which has raised an eyebrow or two at bible studies I have attended:  If a loving God created mankind, these puny mortals with free will, emotion and the capacity for evolution, how could He not want to know us; to know what it was like to be human?  And to fully comprehend His creation would He not have to become one of us?  To truly be human wouldn’t an omnipotent God see that His quest would have to be a kind of blind study? 

In other words, to be human is to doubt, yearn, hunger, fear and, undoubtedly, to love, to seek, to believe and to hope.  I personally believe that God, in order to understand these beings He had created, became corporal, unknowing, searching, like the rest of us.  After all, to be mortal means to suffer all the folly and foibles, to roll in the muck and the mire of the beauty that is humanity.

Anne, in Christ the Lord you have once again shaped a character who is full and real; as others have only seemed.  You make totally reasonable the idea that Jesus, as a child, would have had to have been a human child, unknowing, uncertain, trusting and fearful all at the same time. 

Thank you.  For, with Christ the Lord, you have brilliantly put into your inimitable words things I have thought about for decades.  For me, your newest foray into the unfathomable, has given a voice to what I have always thought.  Jesus was human, and beautifully so.

With deepest respect and admiration,
Kim Jacobi

My name is Eric, I'm 27 and I live in Central Florida. I have been a fan of the Vampire Chronicles for quite some time I've read all of them. When I was 7 I told my Grandmother who raised me that I didn't believe in God, and I was an atheist until I was about 21. When I was a child I always loved nature, but as I grew older I lost sight of that love. I was more interested in drugs and alcohol. In April of 2000 I got married to a women from a very loving Christian family, and I moved in with my Wife and Mother in law. Shortly there after I also found the love of nature I had lost. It didn't take long for my Wife and Mother in laws influence to mix with my love of nature, and the next thing you know I was left with a new found faith in God. The only piece that didn't fit for me was Jesus, so I decided to find out more about him. Well the next thing you know I found out that there was a new Anne Rice book about Christ. My prayers were answered, The book helped bring Jesus to life. I had never thought of Jesus as a child who had to grow up. This book brought him to life in a way I never expected. I tend to be a little long winded but thank you. Your book for me was a greatly need stepping stone to a deeper understanding and faith of Jesus Christ. Thank You.  

Dear Ms. Rice,

I read "Interview with a Vampire" when it first came out, and I really enjoyed it. I have to admit that I have not so much enjoyed your subsequent works, and quickly abandoned the series.

When it was announced that you intended to come out with this new book, I was skeptical. Frankly, it is none of my business whether or not you returned to the Church or any other speculation about your personal life, and I guess I didn't much care for it.

However, I thought, given the subject matter, I would take a look at this new book. And what a very pleasant surprise it was. The writing is sleek and fine and fully in control (I'm sure that your other writing probably is as well, but the direction of the control probably did not appeal to me so much.) I think you took a real risk writing in the persona of Christ, and I think it pays off beautifully.

Thank you so much for this gift of writing. It is beautifully done and I hope it serves as an inspiration to others that religious fiction need not be bizarre, outre, or badly composed. While I wouldn't necessarily call this "religious fiction" I do hope it heralds a surge in serious fiction with religious themes. Even if it does not, may God guide you and sustain you should you put your hand to paper to extend or write another work in this Genre. In fact, I think you might do well to turn your skills to composing a novel about St. Teresa of Avila. She might appeal to you.

Anyway, I've imposed enough on your time. I just wanted to say thank you for this work. May God continue to bless you and bless us through you.



Let nothing disturb you-- Let nothing affright you-- All things are passing-- God Alone is changeless-- Patience wins all things-- Who has God, wants nothing-- God Alone Suffices. -- Blessed Theotokos, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and all the saints of Carmel, pray for us that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.



There is no way to express how much your book, CHRIST THE LORD, has meant to me. The many hours of reading the New Testament
looking for some tangible insight of the human Jesus finally materialized after reading your wonderful story. Now, reading the gospels takes on new energy and is not just "required reading" for me. I know there is another book on the way, meanwhile I promise I'll read this one again.

God Bless You,

Linda Jordan

Dear Anne,

I just want to say that I have been reading your books for about eighteen years, back when my husband, then boyfriend, introduced me to Queen of the Damned. I treasure each book you've written, and always eagerly wait for your new books to come out. I love your style of writing, the detail of history, the characters and the story lines. When I read that you weren't planning on writing anymore of Lestat's story I was disappointed but I can understand the need to move on. My favorite book is Memnoch the Devil.  The conversation between God and the Devil in the cafe was really interesting to me, I just found that book so fascinating. It is my all time favorite.  I was surprised to hear that you were writing a book about Christ because it is quite a different topic compared to Vampires. I never gave it a second thought when I went to purchase the book Christ the Lord.  I've spent the last five years reading about various religions trying to find some understanding for myself about God and Jesus and the idea of a Satan. Being a Catholic myself, I've often struggle with some of the teachings, so I am always looking for interesting material on the history of Jesus. I think we often forget that he was human and that is what your book reminds us of. I really enjoyed the book and am waiting patiently for the next chapter of Christ's life. My favorite part in the book is at the end when Jesus realizes why he was sent here, as you so eloquently put "...whatever is born into this world, no matter how, and for whatever reason, is born to die." That just made so much sense to me, I felt like a curtain was lifted and for a brief moment everything made sense. It just put a lot of things into perspective for me. I thank you for the wonderful years of great reading, and I'm looking forward to your next book
Have a Very Merry Christmas!

From just one of your devoted readers.

Mirjana C. Leonetti

I just finished "Christ the Lord." I have to say that I have been reading your books since 1997 and fell in love with your witches and vampires. Much of what you wrote in those books about spiritual questions and mainly Memnoch led me to start thinking about ways to find answers to those questions. I thank you for that as it led me to church last year. Your books were still so much a part of me and while I sometimes felt they had to be my "guilty pleasure" to others, I knew they still followed many of the moral principles of Christianity. I was so happy on November 1st when I saw you on TV with the new book!!! I bought it right away, but with little kids in the house, it took me awhile to get through. I absolutely love it. I have read various criticisms for your simple prose in this work, but I don't think I could have believed a Jesus who was so wordy at age 7, especially when his words are simple in the stories of the Gospel. I'm eager to see your next volumes and know that you will help many others to find God as well--that has always been your destiny despite your years in denial. I thank you for beginning my search for Jesus and also for giving me this treat now that I've found him.

Your devoted fan, 
Kristina Valenzuela 
Guadalupe, AZ

Dear Anne,

Greetings and love from Windsor, England.

I recently was given your book "Christ the Lord" for my birthday, I have to admit that this at first was an unnerving gift because I didn't want to read it. You see I am a long time fan of all your books, most specifically your Vampire Chronicles which I first started to read at the age of 11. I loved Blood Canticle yet I was devastated to learn that you were moving on to pastures new, I honestly can tell you that the possibility of never reading another adventure of Lestat and his companions deeply pained me. However I do want to tell you that I used this pain productively and I now am piecing together a novel of my own invention, you were my inspiration in love, that I can assure you.

I apologise profusely for my feelings of trepidation and scepticism towards your book "Christ the Lord", I loved it.

As a young gay agnostic man I have never felt it was my place as a child of the lord to put a name to my faith, I have great difficulties with organised religion and the fallacies of the men and women who head those organisations. My own faith is a mixture of all the major religions today as the basic message to all of them is Love and Peace, a simple yet complicated doctrine to put into practise within today's world. To expand upon this I mean that I try and live each day as a good person and the teachings of Jesus amongst other holy men/women are a large factor of my life.

Your book didn't show me anything that I didn't already believe about Jesus himself, but you put that belief of mine into words that were so beautiful that at times I had to catch myself before I openly wept. The love that I have for Jesus will never change, yet you truly reminded me the infinite love and kindness that he not only gave to the world in his time but on how that love still exists today and that you can know him without tying yourself to a building of wood and stone.

I feel that you didn't preach to the reader that we should love Jesus without thought, but you showed us simply why we should love him and that his love is there for us. And this is only the first book !!

Please continue and I hope one day we will see the return of Lestat, no matter what though I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

With Love
Liam Chandler
Windsor UK

Dear Anne,

I myself am a native of San Diego. My favorite place in the world is La Jolla, the Jewel of the world. My whole life I have lived inland, but almost every week I go down to the water in La Jolla and go for a walk, or shopping, or go into bookstores. Well, I went into Warwick's bookstore and saw your book, “Christ The Lord,” which was signed too! So I had to buy it. I am afraid to say that while I am very familiar with you and your great success in writing, I have never read one of your books – until now.

I am now 1/3rd of the way through the book, and I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it! I love your ability to tell a story and frame it in such a visible way. You paint such a beautiful picture. I love how you are weaving in the culture, the history, and the thinking of Jewish people for whom I have the greatest and most tender love. I feel like every Jewish person I meet is one of Jesus brothers or sisters, and so there is an immediate affection and fondness for them. You have filled my imagination as you are telling the story of Jesus and His family. I so look forward to reading the rest of the book! I too am much a story teller in my preaching/teaching. The word Gospel means “The Good Spell” in old English, and you are casting quite a spell on a whole new generation of readers.

You have a true gift, and it is just wonderful to see someone with an obvious gift from God using that gift to His glory!

Blessings upon you my dear beloved sister,
Ray Bentley
Pastor of Maranatha Chapel, San Diego, Ca.

Hello, Anne,

I want to thank you for this book. It is marvelous, and very inspiring. I had a thought as I was digesting the book (I finished it just this morning): Christianity has been front-page news for a while now in the US. Yet, the discussion of Christ has been dominated by one particularly vociferous minority of believers. The more they broadcast their immense "understanding", the more they demonstrate to the rest of us how little they actually know. You see, Christ belongs to everyone, EVERYONE. He belongs to the Goths and the gays like he belongs to the soccer moms and Republicans. No group can claim Him - He is so much greater than all of us. I think a lot of unbelievers look at these Christians in the media and think "why would I ever want to be like them?" What you've done is open their eyes and shown them that a Christian can look like anyone, can be anyone, that the transforming power of Christ's love is a gift freely given to every human being. Anne Rice, the wonderful writer and the unassuming apologist, will reach so many more lives than the sycophants and blowhards who masquerade as prophets in our culture. Anyway, I'm thrilled with what you've done. Good for you! All I want to know is: when can we expect the next one? :)

Dear Anne,

I read Out of Egypt this last week and was totally blown away. It's a very mysterious and mesmerizing book - almost like a meditation - magical and absorbing - in the most curious way. Reading it, it was as if I was being lulled into another time and place and another dimension.

What an interesting reading experience. It crept up on me... it captured me without me realizing it...

It was such a subtle and masterful effort. Slowly and without being aware of where and how you did it, the boy Jesus became more and more special and amazing and real.

As a Jew, I am very moved by the idea that with this book you will have reinforced to millions and millions of people the fact that Jesus was a Jew. There's so much prejudice and absurd hostility about religion and differences in religion that any time we can reinforce similarities not disparities it is a great thing.

Since I finished I've picked up four other novels and haven't been able to read any of them, which is a compliment to the fictive dream you created. I was sorry to leave it.

Congratulations. I got the feeling that writing this book made you very happy and serene and I'm glad for you that you've found this place.


Dear Anne,
I just finished Christ the Lord and I was absolutely blow away. I was sobbing at the end. You truly have an amazing gift of being able to bring the past and people to life. As a Christian I have read the story of Jesus over and over and have always wondered what he was really like. This was such an emotional book for me, perhaps because I felt for Joseph and Mary and what they must have gone through as parents of Jesus. I have a 2-year-old daughter andÊobviously couldn't imagine raising God's own Son. I kept trying to read this bookÊat Starbucks with my coffee, but couldn't since my eyes kept welling up. Well done.

I also think you brought up some amazing arguments for the Gospels in the your Author's Note at the end. The idea thatÊthey were written before the fall of Jerusalem has to be true! You are right! If it was after, it would have been mentioned in great detail. Same with your argument for the Ressurection, as why else would the disciples go around their world an tell everyone? I was raised by a Lutheran mom and an Agnostic father, and for the most part I have always believed Jesus is the Son of God, but at times I have questioned that. Your book has answered some of those questions for me, even though it is a work of fiction. I am definitely recommending it to everyone. I have a stack of religious books from the Book of Mormon to the Quran and your book just stokes the fire for me to read more.

I have also really enjoyed your other writings over the years and I have most of them. You mentioned that readers may have been able to tell you were seeking God or feeling guilty and those novels were about that. Many of those books had me reading the Bible and thinking about it, especially Memnoch the Devil. That is a fabulous story! I love how Lestat evolved and I hope you don't leave the vampires and witches behind forever. They are good characters too and can make people think, relax,ÊAND seek God. I miss Lestat. He will always be my favorite.

Thank you for your hard work over the years! I hope you keep writing, but also enjoy some relaxing time with your wonderful son.

-Ashley Galvin
Portland, Oregon

Dear Anne,

I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your new book "Christ the Lord". As a Christian and one time reader of The Vampire Chronicles, I was overjoyed to hear of your newfound faith in Christ. I was hesitant to read this new novel for fear that it might present some strange new doctrine or view of Jesus other than that which is depicted in the Gospels themselves. It was primarely the premise of the book itself that brought on this fear and hesitancy, not necessarily your authorship. Admittedly however, I had images of vampires in my head.

As I read through the pages of your book, I came to learn that my fears were completely unfounded. There are no new truths presented in it. There are no lost teachings of Christ in its pages. In fact, you appear to make no real statement regarding the events depicted in it at all.. other than that of the birth of Christ itself, and the events immediately surrounding it. In a sense, this is the real story of the book. It seems the other events merely provide a means to tell that story. And in that story I found a perfect representation of that which is depicted in the Gospels themselves. And what a wonderfull story it is!

I walked away from this book with a greater sense of awe and wonder regarding the person of Christ. I felt the warmth of His personality and the breadth of His character in its pages. I found it engaging, reverent, and insightfull. In summation, it left me staggering at the person who is Christ, The Lord. I would reccomend this book to anyone who has eyes to read or ears to hear. And I will. Thank you for sharing it with us.

You have my permission to use this in any way you see fit.

Merry Christmas,
Michael J. Masiewicz

Hello on a cold afternoon in Houston (34 degress/23 tonight)...

Yesterday after lunch I curled up in front of my fireplace and began to read your book... I finished it about 12:30 am... I couldn't put it down without finishing it... I don't think I've ever read a book in the first person quiet like this one... I found my mind filtering through both my theological education and my pastoral experiences and on occasion would experience one of those, "this makes sense" moments. As well, I found myself emotionally involved with Jesus' conversations with his brother James and his uncle, Cleopas. You presented Jesus' "awareness of who he was" with a realistic balance between the human and the divine.

One thing I came away with is a deeper apprecation of Mary and Joseph. They were simple people with great faith. I happen to be preaching on that subject (faith) during this Advent Season on this coming Sunday. I am using the Luke text when the angel made appearances to each of them. On occasion, I was aware of our "canon differences" but in no way did they become a barrier to my understanding of your presentation of Jesus. You did a great job academically & theologically; and more than that, I came away inspired!

It is very clear that the "figure of Jesus Christ" is at the center of your heart, your life, and your book. Thanks for not using a lot of confusing theological terminology in explaining Jesus' Jewishness. This alone will make it a more receptive book for laypersons. I did enjoy the "author's notes" section. Kind of wish I had read it first; but I know you don't do that with a novel. My journey has also included some of your theological sources/heroes: Josephus, Augustine, Robinson, C.H. Dodd, Leon Morris, Wright, and Culpepper. By the way, you need to consider writing something about your experiences related to "skeptical scholarship." Your conclusions and evaluations are right on and they might encourage someone else walking the same path.

Just a closing comment. I want to encourage you to continue your course of obsession with Christ. Don't let the critics (religious or secular) get in your way. They don't understand yet who Jesus really is! I'm giving copies of this book to my neighbors for Christmas. I think it will open some discussion possibilities with them. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Pete Freeman

Dear Anne,

I have been a reader of yours for quite some time now. There's not one book you're written that I haven't read. Sometimes twice. I'll admit, like many others out there, that I was quite skeptical when I heard about your change in direction in writing. 

I have no problem with you returning to your Faith. I too, once in my life, was a devout Christian. Born and raised Pentecostal. I truly loved the Church, loved my Faith and loved the Lord. Throughout this entire time, I battled with feelings that I couldn't understand. It wasn't until I was 25 years old did I start to question how I was raised, what I was taught and finally came out as a gay man. This was no easy task. 

It took a few years for me to realize that I wasn't going to hell for eternity. Took me a long time to accept myself for who I am. Until recently have I realized that my love of God has never left me. You can take the boy out of the Church, but hard to take the Church out of the boy. I realized that I could still be a gay man and be spiritual.

With all that being said, I was curious to see if your book would come across as "preachy" and "religious". I see how close you are to your faith. Yet, I found your book to be nothing more then a sweet telling of Jesus's life through the eyes of a 7 year old. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't find it preachy as I thought I might. Thank you for that. 

Even when Jesus was talking about people being crucified in the town of Sepphoria, I couldn't help but take a step back and think that this would one day be His own fate. The book has already brought me to tears.

Although I still have a few chapters to finish, I wanted to take a quick moment and say Thank You. 

Not only have you written an amazing novel, you quite possibly have opened up some peoples eyes.

You have mine.


Dallas, Texas

Dear Anne,

I am a Baptist minister, pastoring Broadway Baptist Church in Kansas City for the last 43 years. We are a very progressive church and perform gay unions quite often.  I have read all of your books, including the spicy ones and homoerotic themes.  I loved them all.

Your Christ the Lord was wonderful. I lived with a new sense of how Jesus might have come into his own consciousness of who he was from your writing. Thanks for following your heart with both vampires and Jesus!

I'm reading from your book for this Sunday's Advent sermon on the angels at Jesus' birth.

Paul Smith

Hello, Anne. As I am not sure if you will actually read this yourself, I keep a small hope that you will. I wanted to thank you for your work, both past and present. I have been a fan of the Vampire Chronicles, and the Mayfair stories. I particularily enjoyed you merging of the two. I also recently completed "Christ the Lord". I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write such an eye opening account of Christ's early life. This book has sparked many interesting discussions among my friends and I. There are several things that I had not even considered, such as Jesus having a child like mind, and not fully understanding His destiny, and purpose. I had always assumed that He had always realized Who and What He was, but of course He didn't, being both fully man, and fully God. I think it makes an even more human Christ, and puts a significant emphasis on His sacrifice.

Well, it's almost time to go to work, so I will end this. Thank you again, for giving a 23 year old Indiana man the pleasure of reading your works, and escaping this world for fascinating times and places.

Ben Conrad

My Sister,

I must write to you as my Sister for it is how I feel and view you. I need not to have experienced you in person to consider you in this fashion. You belong to the Christ and it is that fact that we hold in commom.

I have only ,just this morning finished your writing, "Christ The Lord Out Of Egypt", and immediately wanted to communicate my thoughts to you. I wonderfully enjoyed it and so look forward to your next book. Some things in this life, as you move through them, you know will come to an end and desire it not. This book was certainly one that affected me in that way. 

Your Notes at the end of your book were such a fitting testimony to the work you had completed. It appears that your journey from the darkness to the light has been a rewarding one! . There is that scripture in God's Word that teaches us, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you". What struct me so deeply in your story is that I found, as I read, that there were 3 of us seeking to know who Jesus was and is the entire time. There was Jesus seeking to get to know who He was in your story. There was you seeking to get to know Him in the writing of the story. Then there was me, who has always sought to know Him, as I was reading your story. It so warmed my heart to receive confirmation in my spirit that there is such heavenly value and supreme importance in seeking Christ and His Kingdom.

There is so much I could say to you about how I feel having finished the book but I will only say, Thank You. In a world where ! our King is still doubted and irreveranced, it's refreshing and rewarding to be able meet one who also  believes so deeply as you have come to believe. 

Some may call your writing an insult to Jesus and ask you "who do you think you are to write as if you know the mind and thoughts of He who is the King as Hecame of age". I believe that no human being could undertake such a project without the direction of the Holy Spirit. It may be categorically considered "fiction" but the warmth and love that radiated from the pages in your descriptive glimpse of the early life of Jesus allowed me to be every where your story took Him

It will be a pleasure to meet you some day. Until then remember that the honor and responsiblity of an author and speaker, chosen by God the Father, is to allow themselves to be used by Him to edify His people. Please Anne, consider this son of God....edified.

May God continue to bless you on your journey.


Rev. David K. Moore, Assistant Pastor
Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church
Oakland, CA

Anne, I have not read any of your previous books. I could not wait, however, to get my hands on Christ the Lord. I read it & thoroughly enjoyed it! I love my Catholic faith. I love how you so extremely skillfully took us right back to the time of Jesus, how well you captured His love of the beautiful Temple. I believe our Lord knew He was God from the time of birth. I did not have any problems with this book, despite this difference in beliefs. I found it entertaining and intriguing. I couldn't put it down! Truly, you will draw people closer to the Lord with your skillful writing and your excellent presentation of His life and the times He lived in! Brava to you, Anne.

You may share/use this review if you wish.

Linda McCann
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Anne, thank you for a wonderful read in this book! So many have wondered "Did Jesus know who/what he was?" "What must he have thought as he grew up?" and you were perceptive enough to know that -- despite your prior, very different, body of work -- it was a subject that could and should be tackled. I'm sure many people, among them fundamentalist s(as I used to be), RC's (as I was raised,but haven't made may way back to...yet) will find something about which they can find fault. But, as I wrote you months ago when I first knew about this book, a writer (I can lay claim to having had a few articles published in Catholic periodicals) must stay true to her muse...and you did!

Your book and others I've read lately have been drawing me back to the Church...and I thank you for giving us! wanderers so much food for thought. In a couple of weeks I'll be 57 (we're almost contemporaries) and I've learned that you can never be too old to learn and change...and I truly believe that a living organism which ceases to grow begins to die....

God bless, and may your faith and God-given talent continue to comfort you as you wait until you can once again see your beloved Stan in the next life,
Judy Grivas

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I am a Catholic priest, serving a Roman parish and a Byzantine mission in Oklahoma.

I read a number of your books and always sensed a "Catholic identity" in your writing. I remember reading Interview with a Vampire and thinking, "Only a Catholic could write something like this." I also sensed a darkness that I thought must have been difficult for you to bear. (This was a great presumption on my part.) I remembered you at Mass one day. I am sorry to say I then forgot to remember you again.

I knew nothing of your religious background until I found Christ the Lord in a local bookstore. I picked it up, expecting to see another book like the ones you so dislike (mentioned in the "Author's notes"). I expected to see something written to make the Lord into the image and likeness of the latest popular "agenda." As soon as I looked at the first few pages and saw that you portrayed James as Joseph's son by an earlier marriage I knew this was a book of faith. You followed the most ancient tradition regarding those mentioned as the "brothers and sisters of the Lord."

I thanked God that you had written such a book and (as I read in the Author's notes) that you had returned to the Church. The Lord is good, His mercy endures forever!

In the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches St. James, the Brother of the Lord has a special place. He is not identified with the two Apostles of the Lord who share the name "James." He seen as someone who was close to Jesus and as the Protoevangelion of James tells us he accompanied the Holy Family into Egypt. As first bishop of Jerusalem St. James is remembered for sending out members of that Church to Syria, beginning the Church there. The ancient Liturgy of the Church of Jerusalem bears his name (and is still celebrated on his feast day once a year by the Eastern Churches).

St. James Ikon

Credit: Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Brookline, MA

Here is an ikon of the Flight into Egypt showing St. James accompanying the Holy Family through that land. 

The Eastern Churches preserve much of the Apocryphal writings (those which agree with the Councils of Nicea I, Ephesus and Chalcedon) in their liturgical texts.

I am sure many books are suggested to you, may I suggest another? 

It is called On the Life of Christ-Kontakia. This work was written by St. Romanos the Melodist. Kontakia are sung sermons. They are some of the greatest works of Christian poetry and are full of profound and lively theology. While the work of St. Romanos dates from before 518 AD, he takes many of the earlier oral traditions regarding the Lord and enshrines them in these sung sermons. The Kontakia are beautiful meditations and teaching on moments in the life of the Lord. 

The Eastern Churches still sing some of St. Romanos' Kontakia in the Liturgy.

You speak of a deep respect for the Jewish people in your book. St. Romanos shows great affinity when speaking of the Jews in his writings. This was counter to the prevailing views of most in the Church regarding the Jews in the sixth century. Because this affinity, the Jewish classical scholar Paul Maas (among others) believes that St. Romanos himself was a Jew. St. Romanos came from Emesa (modern day Homs) in Syria, there the Church retained many customs and traditions rooted in Judaism. The Syriac Churches retain many of these liturgical customs to this day.

Anyway, this is long and rambling...if you are interested in the On the Life of Christ by St. Romanos the best English translation is by Archimandrite Ephrem Lash. The ISBN # is 0-06-064943-7.

Thank you for a wonderful book.

Best wishes and a prayer for your salvation, health and happiness.

Mercy and peace in Christ Jesus,

fr. Phil Seeton
Holy Family Parish, Lawton, OK
Byzantine Catholic Community of OKC

Dear Anne-

A brief note to let you know how much I'm enjoying your latest book. 

I began reading your Vampire Chronicles as a Protestant seminarian, and have long counted "Memnoch the Devil" as one of my all-time favorite books on my permanent shelf. Your fiction has always touched on issues of eternity, spirituality and virtue and one of the reasons I loved your vampire books was your excellent handle on Ancient Near Eastern cultures.

I opted for a secular career after grad-school and, in fact, was confirmed in the Catholic Church last Easter before marrying my wife in October at St. Dominic's here in San Francisco. I found the story of your own re-connection with the Church personally quite meaningful, and as one who has studied the many sources you've drawn from, I fully appreciate the fine balance you're walking in "Out of Egypt."

Clearly this is a labor of love for you. You've done a wonderful job depicting life as a first century Jew and the Bronze Age world on the edge of the Roman Empire. I appreciate how you've fleshed out biographical elements about Yeshua's extended family-life from mere glimpses in the canonical and gnostic gospels and turned them into a very real depiction of family dynamics. All the while, you're exploring how such things would figure in the social and psychological development of a boy caught in between his culture and his destiny.

It's a terrific read, and I'm looking forward eagerly to later volumes. Am I reading too much into your text by seeing Memnoch's face on the tempting angel from Yeshua's dream? I hope not. It's a nice nod to established readers. There's nothing macabre about weaving in such elements from your vampire fiction, when Memnoch was such a beautifully written exploration of all the questions regarding love and sin.

I wish you the best, and thank you for the role your writing has played in my spiritual development as a Christian over the years, especially in finding my way to the Catholic Church at last.

Pace e bene-
Christopher B.
San Francisco, CA 


Your description of the family encountering the Roman Soldiers in Nazareth has moved me, especially how Old Sarah saves them all with her Christian example of a soft reply, and empathy. You add the famous blessing..."The Lord bless you, and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you; and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace."

Our Disciple Bible study closes each week with this blessing.

Thank you for a wonderful book, I look forward to finishing it.

We have lived in Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa and I have traveled within Egypt and Libya. The signs of Christianity are everywhere. Walking the desert a year ago in Egypt, in the valleys that were used for travel between Palestine and Egypt, I wondered about Jesus and his youth.

Your book has brought much to life, thank you!

Have you ever personally traveled to Egypt or Israel?

You have done Christianity a great service, you know that, I hope.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Gregory L. Brown
Sugar Land, Texas


Dear Mrs. Rice,

I had never heard of you as an author until you appeared with Matt Lauer on NBC - I think it was October sometime. Anyway the subject matter of your book interested me as I have been a practising Christian since childhood around the age of five through to my thirty-fifth year.I attend a non-denominational Bible church in D.C. and do so because I place my trust in the Biblical record. Anyway I ordered "Christ The Lord" and have finished reading it. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the book, I have also read The Da Vinci Code and many other novels just to see and compare how present day authors are dealing with and presenting Christianity or at least dealing with the subject matter. Of course I am mainly disappointed because the truth of the Bible is blatantly or at least subtly twisted and lost on the reading public. So I wanted to let you know that although your book is pure conjecture- granted it is based on research and other literature, I have been impressed how it allowed me as a believer to think of how Christ developed into his mission and come to the point were the gospels launch the history of Christ. It has definately allowed me to postulate how Christ's family dealt with their unique situation and this is something which I hadn't given much thought to. So thankyou for opening up this area of thinking and I know even as I look at my two young babies, it has made me think of my parental responsibility ( like Joseph and Mary ) to help them know and develop their gifts and passions to be used for the glory of God in their lives.

I did hear you say during the interview that you intend to continue this series, using the gospels and of course it is my bias that you would stay true to the cultural and historical accuracy of the time, but more importantly the gospel truth because I believe great power comes from The Words of God in the Bible. I also am pleased that this is one of the few books as far as I can see that the general unchurched public can read and will not be misled into seeing Christ as some sort of merely "good man", but see the truth behind the story.

Thankyou for your time and energy in completing Christ The Lord, I have no idea when the next book is due but look forward to reading it.

Joanne Tang

Good afternoon Anne. I have just finished reading "Christ the Lord" and I must say that I really enjoyed the book. 

We never think about Christ as a child - as a person who was not always aware of himself and his purpose within humanity. I enjoyed your perspective on how growing up may have been for him.

I appreciated the closeness of his family, even in their moments of disagreement. I appreciated the character of Christ as a young child, fearful, tearful, yet persistent to unravel the mystery of who he was while trying to remain obedient to his earthly father. 

It seems that so many people are afraid to allow Christ to be human - to have human feelings and experiences. Thank you for your sensitive portrayal of how it could have been for our Lord to grow up and discover himself.

Thank you and Happy Holidays



I've read most of your books and all of the early vampire books. I became a Christian a year and a half ago after having been a "solid" neopagan for more than thirty years, living nine years in ashrams, etc. I just finished Christ the Lord--Out of Egypt this morning, and I think honestly that it contains your strongest, clearest, best writing that I've seen. The story never drags, and I can't count the number of times that tears came to my eyes or I felt the power of the Lord move through me as I read on, rapt. Your links to both the old and new testament through your allusions in the book are powerful and relevant (and very well informed, obviously).

My suspicion is that you have done a truly extraordinary job of serving the Lord in writing and publishing this book, and that literally millions of persons who would otherwise have stayed in darkness will be brought to the light of our Lord through this story. Selfishly, I very eagerly await sequels!

Thank you so much, my sister in Christ, for your magnificent work, and thanks be to God that you returned to Him.

Sincerely, with great affection and gratitude,
Maco Stewart

 Dear Anne:

I have followed your career with fervent passion. You are my favorite author. I too, have found a new calling in Christ, and my life has done a complete 180*. I just finished reading your new book and I would like to make a comment.
You have done something that no other author has been able to accomplish! You have made our Christ human, and what a wonderful thing to do! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for their answers in life. Ours is a Living God, and you have made that happen. So many times people want to make Him unattainable, and you have dispelled that myth. I am so grateful for you, you are a true blessing to all Christianity! I applaud your efforts and graciously await the tales to follow. You are truly an amazing woman, whom I admire greatly, please keep up the great work!

Anne, you may share my comments with anyone you please! Thank you again for achieving the human touch, and being brave enough to follow through!

God Bless You Anne!
Kim Flanagan

Hello Anne,
Thank you for your wonderful book and for bringing Jesus closer to me and your readers.  Here is my mini-review that I wrote for my friends. I thought you might like it. You have done a great work here, and I look forward to your future books. Thank you for loving the Lord.

Rich Lockwood
Columbia, IL

I read a book by Anne Rice called Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt. It was very enjoyable and ambitious as the story is told in the first-person by a 7-year old Jesus.  It is well researched and true to the gospels, the culture, and history of the time. The author tries to provide a glimpse of how it might have been for Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and their extended family and what their relationships might have been like.  Since the gospels provide only a framework of his life at the time, the author makes some assumptions on what Jesus might have thought and said. This in itself is quite ambitious and risky, but the author takes great care and the story rings true with the Jesus we know.  Of particular challenge is addressing the issue of how Jesus was fully human and full divine at all times, and considering this, how it might have been for him in his early life.  The author handles this issue in a beautiful, plausible, and understandable way. She remains true to St. Paul’s teachings – that the Lord emptied and humbled himself and experienced life’s joys and sufferings just like us.  His humanity comes through in a powerful way, but not at the expense of his divinity. In the end, I came away feeling closer to Jesus which I found to be a great blessing in itself.

Dear Anne,

As I turned the last page of your book I couldn't help but think, "well, Anne has joined Martin Scorsese (Last Temptation of Christ), Tim Rice-Andrew Lloyd Webber (Jesus Christ Superstar), Kevin Smith (Dogma) and Mel Gibson (The Passion) in the wonderful world of Jesus controversy."  I love and respect these films and your new novel "Christ the Lord."

And not surprisingly, with the publication of an experiential novel on the life of Christ, comes along those who will attack your point of view.  It's expected, but I can't help but feel sad.  Jesus, God, and Mary are indeed topics of controversy, but does any one person truly know what happened?  Does any one person really know what was said and done during the lifetime of Christ?  Yes, we have the Gospels, but they were written quite some time after the death of Jesus.  I cannot even remember a 10-minute conversation I just had with a friend, never mind trying to remember word for word a conversation I had 20 years ago!

Faith guides us.  Our faith in God and in the traditions and teachings of the church help us grasp small amounts of understanding.  God, the Trinity and Mary are indeed a mystery and no matter how we try, we will never be able to reason the mind of God.  But is that the point?

Faith is mystery and cannot be explained and faith in God is not without risk and controversy.  All of us have our own thoughts and opinions and the greatest gift we can give each other is respect.  We may struggle with your book, especially those who are not from a Catholic background, but I must tell you that I admire and respect the risk you took to write from Jesus' perspective and from a period of time that no one really knows about; most everything is speculative.  Your faith journey must be one of much struggle, lots of challenges and many rewards for you to resist fear, step forward and jump blindly into the mind of Christ.  The risk you took is admirable.  You do not compromise and the result is a novel quite powerful and thought provoking.

A strong piece of writing provokes ideas and thoughts, doesn't it, whether we agree or strongly detest it?  And most importantly, a challenging and uncompromising work sparks both tempered and heated discussions.  You, Anne, have succeeded.  I know how hurtful people can be in their responses, but take comfort in knowing that you have helped stir up people's faith (whether they think they have it or not).  We can become very complacent which goes against the activity of God, Christ and Spirit.  How can we grow in our faith if we are not challenged by books such as yours and films such as I mentioned above?

My own complacency comes with the perpetual virginity of Mary.  As a Catholic (one that has broken from the church and has returned) that is the one issue I've always struggled with.  I believe whole-heartedly in the virgin birth, but after, how could a married couple who loved each other so much not have sex (excuse the bluntness)?  I read Marjorie Holmes trilogy: Two from Galilee, Three From Galilee, and Messiah a long time ago.  Her novels will always have a special place in my heart.  But after reading them, I became complacent.  Her point of view (which I respect) has Mary and Joseph consummating their marriage.  Because this point of view readily fit into my personal ideal, I accepted it and never fully questioned it until recently. 

Mary has a way of sneaking into your life and she snuck into mine over this past year.  I struggled once again with "ever virgin" and I'm sad to admit, I found myself not speaking those words during the Nicene Creed.  However, after studying the Hebrew Torah this semester (I'm in Seminary receiving my Master's of Divinity) and after reading your book I can understand now how Mary could remain forever virgin.  Your book has helped open my eyes and mind to possibilities.  Thank you for helping me shake off some of my complacency.

You have written from your heart, remaining true to history, to your faith, and to yourself. 

I so look forward to reading your next novels on Christ the Lord.

Peace and Blessings,

Richmond, VA
November 29, 2005

Dear Anne,

Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt, is the first of your books I've ever read. My daughter has been a huge fan of yours for years, so I was happy to see you had written something that was more appealing to my interests. Now, we can both say we are Anne Rice fans! 

I am a native of Louisiana (Cajun country), a practicing Roman Catholic all my life, and a struggling writer of inspirational stories. Hence, my interest in your new book. 

I think the most touching scene for me was the exchange between Jesus and his cousin James. Any human being who has ever experienced envy (most of us) could feel James' shame and his pain. It's so hard to admit when we're jealous, especially to the face of the one we envy. Through the person of James, you exposed the green monster of envy for the evil it is; James' heartfelt confession agitated something inside me and made me squirm. I definitely recognized the old demon he was wrestling with, and I wanted to offer my own sacrificial dove of repentence. Jesus' tenderness, his unconditional love, and his total lack of condemnation made me want to kiss his feet in gratitude. He does this for us all the time, but far too often we just take it for granted. Thank you so much for your beautiful portrayal of sinner and Redeemer. It helped me more than ever to value the confessional and the chance to meet the Savior face to face in my weakness.

Another very touching part of the book was the incident where Jesus' prayer brought snow. It brought back childhood memories of cold dark nights when I, too, prayed for snow, a very rare and cherished thing for those of us in the Deep South, as you well know. It was so sweet to imagine that Jesus, as a child, might have had the same desire. But it was sweeter still to see Him mature to the realization that never again would He ask for something unless it fit in His Father's plan. I'm afraid that at age 56, I'm still guilty of praying for snow and rain. I guess I have a ways to go before I learn to just trust like Jesus did. 

Thank you once again, Anne, for this work. I look forward to the others that are yet to come. May the Spirit inspire and guide you.

God bless,
Bonnie Taylor Barry

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